RC Cars Basics: Finding the right one for you.

Growing up, I have warm and fond memories of my father bringing home remote controlled cars. Tiny and blue in color, they had 1.5-meter cables connected to a two-button remote for forward and backward motions. Sadly, they did not last but the sheer joy brought to the user while operating these machines is incomparable.

RC cars are motor powered devices. The motors are connected to a dc input which is usually a 9V rechargeable battery. The battery energizes the motor with a permanent magnet inside it that causes a shaft inside the motor to rotate. The shaft, connected to the wheels via a gear mechanism, cause the wheels to turn. Communication between the radio controller and the car itself is via radio waves, a short wavelength electromagnetic wave.

The first thing to consider when getting an RC Car is its looks. The appearance makes the car beautiful. Fiery waves and good graffiti on the car are a definite deal-maker.

radio transmitter for RC cars

The next thing you may consider is the speed of the RC car. The speed is a factor of the motor of the car. The more powerful the motor, the faster the car. Mos fast RC cars are known to hit speeds of 70km/hr. You want your car to go faster; it only betters the experience of driving an RC Car.

You also want your car to be a 4×4. This is also abbreviated as 4WD. This means that the front wheels of your car are pulling and the rear wheels are pushing all thanks to a torque shaft connecting the front wheels to the rear wheels. Unlike RC cars, the best RC trucks have 4WD traction allowing them to go off-road and performs better than its 2WD counterparts. For better performance on an off-road track, your RC car should also have bigger wheels and better-treaded wheels to assist in gripping the surface well especially in muddy tracks.

Finally, the RC Car should be a 2.4G. This means that the radio controller transmitter and the RC Car receiver operate at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. This accords the driver a smooth and interruption-free experience.